Golf Integrated Testimonials

"After 1 session on the GI BalanceLab and then time with Shane Rose, my PGA Professional, my handicap has gone from +1 to +2 in 3 weeks. I am delighted."

Matt, +2 player, Cold Ashby GC


"After a YourGolfScan in September I followed the advice given by the GI Experts. 8 weeks later I came back for my second session. FlightScope confirmed that my drives are flying higher and going up to 30 yards further. I will be going to GI again in March!"

Laura, 3 handicap, Northants County GC


"Just a quick note to thank you personally for your time and help! It is amazing what it’s possible to get from 10-15 minutes with this equipment. Shane and I have been working for weeks (if not months) on weight transfer and balance, it’s something always I’ve found very difficult (maybe playing at Ashby doesn’t help??). The two sessions have been incredibly useful for me and being able to see the problem with your equipment rather than being told and demonstrated how to fix it I am absolutely sure will lead to further long term improvements.

Since the first time we were able to use the balance plate, I have been able to reduce my handicap from +1 to +2 (in just over 6 weeks) and I feel confident with what we found and worked on yesterday can only go on to extending that improvement into 2013.

The putting part of your equipment was also very interesting, yesterday was the first time I had used it, this also gives me some areas to improve on and I look forward in a few months time to finding out if I’ve been able to improve.

Thanks again and have a great Christmas and New Year."



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