Golf Integrated Services For PGA Professional Golfers

Golf Integrated

PGA Professionals

Ever wanted to own FlightScope, SAM Puttlab or SAM Balancelab but can't justify the cost against the return on your client base? Increasingly, your customers want access to the latest technology, and are prepared to pay or travel to get it, maybe to Wentworth, The Grove or Turnberry, or to the closest American Golf or Direct Golf facility with a fitting room.

Golf Integrated levels the playing field and gives you access to over £30K of technology at your venue with our Mobile Performance Studio.

Using Golf Integrated will set you apart from your competition by:

  • Producing accurate data for you to recommend the correct Woods, Clubs and Putter for your client
  • Allowing you to give your customers the best lessons they have ever had
  • Building customer loyalty to you



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