Golf Experts and Golf Integrated

Golf Experts

Golf Integrated brings together the industry's best Experts to complement its cutting edge Technology.

Analysis is vital to understanding where a golfer's game is at any point in time, but in the right hands the data produced comes alive and can be used to deliver the ultimate lesson programmes and equipment choices to any golfer.


PGA Professionals

Regular tuition and advice from a PGA professional - whether on technique or equipment - is one of the most beneficial things any golfer can do to improve not only their game but also their enjoyment of golf. Everyone wants to play to the best of their ability - whether in an Open Championship or the monthly medal - and there's no doubt lessons with your local PGA professional can help achieve that goal. There are many fine pros across the UK and Ireland eager to help golfers of all ages and abilities.

Mark Bull Golf

Mark Bull Golf provides 3D analysis, biomechanics and golf services to a range of leading players and golfing organisations and is the contracted biomechanist for ProGolf Health, serving over 20 leading tour professionals. Mark presents regularly to leading conferences and sporting organisations and is a contributor to a number of magazines on golf biomechanics and exercise.

The Judgement Index

The Judgement Index is totally unique and one of the most highly mathematical, scientific and logically based assessment instruments ever created. It measures the value system, actual judgement capacity and capability of any individual - and does that with unswerving accuracy. Its application in Golf was proven when the US Ryder Cup Captain, Paul Azinger, used the JI to assess and pick his team and pairings in their stunning win against Europe at Valhalla in 2008. It is now being used by the English Golf Union as a key component in its elite regional development system. The JI is a key part of Golf Integrated's Programmes from Level 2 onwards.

Performance Development Systems

Performance Development Systems (PDS) is a world class performance system providing high quality solutions to national and international athletes, teams and educational organisations. PDS uses a “no compromise” approach in the pursuit of excellence, training and mentoring athletes and organisations that are looking to maximise their performance. The PDS philosophy is to only use strategies that work in real world environments. We strive to develop self reliance in all our clients. Using a learning focused attitude to coaching and mentoring, we understand that if performance is to be effective, our clients need to be able to perform consistently under varied pressures without external support.

Golf Data Lab

The constant battle for the perfect round is what gives golf its universal appeal. Now Golf Data Lab is offering players a powerful new weapon in that battle with a unique new approach. Conceived with the sole aim of improving individual golfer's performance, this highly effective, yet simple to use, golf data analysis programme offers a wide range of benefits to players, coaches and selectors. When even the best golfer in the world misses an average of five greens every round he plays, there is always going to be room for improvement.


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